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Get a Faster and More Complete Return on Your ProcessUnity Investment

CastleHill understands that client success depends on having your ProcessUnity installation operational and available quickly so employees can begin to operate more efficiently. We recognize as well, that our clients may be operating under budget and resource constraints that sometimes compromise their ability to scope requirements and desired capabilities as thoroughly as they would like to.

CastleHill’s expert implementation teams can help you remove those barriers while demonstrating outstanding project control, communications, collaboration and integration with our client stakeholders and there contributor resources. Our structured approach allows our clients to get started as soon as possible to:

  • Quickly leverage their investment in ProcessUnity to maximize employee productivity
  • Reduce costs associated with implementation and the temporary or sustained realignment of critical company resources
  • Maximize the usage and adoption rates of their investment more quickly, demonstrating cost effective and efficient use of budget and personnel.

Contact CastleHill Implementation Services when you:

Our straight forward methodology results in comprehensive requirements scoping, faster prototyping, testing and deployment, so your organization can become more productive and efficient more quickly. CastleHill ensures client staff receives documentation and knowledge transfer on all implementations and platform changes, even when CastleHill remains with the client as a continuous provider of platform maintenance and configuration.

Protecting, sustaining and increasing the value of your ProcessUnity investment

We are professional Enterprise implementers with core competencies and proven track records in all aspects of organizational Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC). Whether your implementation drives Compliance or Vendor Risk, Regulatory Reporting, Controls Effectiveness or 3rd Party Management workflow, we’re there for you to ensure maximum benefit can be applied to your solution. CastleHill does more than just configure your system to emulate a current capability. We’ll work with you and provide guidance that helps you integrate systems and processes from across the business landscape more effectively.

Effective, well rounded teams of professionals. Scalable. On demand.

Remember, every member of our diverse team comes with a skillset specifically adapted to make our customers successful. Our clients have fast access to implementation resources with years of experience in project management, business analysis and data management, requirements definition, process engineering and application transformation. You may not need all of the members of a team at once, but have peace of mind knowing we maintain the capabilities, in house, you depend on.

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About CastleHill

CastleHill provides the people, process and tools required to efficiently manage our clients Governance, Risk and Compliance programs. Our Managed Service offerings free our clients from the administrative burdens of managing GRC Programs, allowing them to focus their efforts on managing the risk and profitability of their core business.

Managed Services

CastleHill Managed Service offerings reliably and effectively extend the clients GRC programs beyond their existing capabilities by providing the people, processes and technology required to efficiently manage their programs. The offerings provide scalable Risk Management solutions that adapt quickly to changes in business, operational and regulatory environments.

Custom Implementation

Our team of expert consultants provides design guidance and configuration for both new ProcessUnity implementations and the transformation of existing applications. We specialize in the end-to-end migration of legacy capability, workflow and processes to the ProcessUnity platform.


Broad Industry Application. Fast Prototyping. Economical Deployment. Expert Guidance.

Financial Services, Healthcare, Education, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing and Government

  • Evaluation and Profiling
  • Vendor Risk Management
  • Formative Research
  • Custom Workflow Management
  • Enterprise Governance and Training Effectiveness
  • Internal Policy and Process Effectiveness
  • Compliance Certifications and Attestation Workflow
  • Clinical Trials and Pharmaceuticals Process Management
  • Educational Services Certification and Program Effectiveness
  • University Program Assessment and Accreditation
  • Risk Data Aggregation and Reporting

Information Management is built into every solution we provide

Our comprehensive solutions may also include deployment of industry leading Information Management Systems, which act as the integration platform between CastleHill Managed Services, our clients, their employees and customers .

Incorporating these systems, provides a wide range of aggregate capability for any implementation, including:

  • Assessment Management
  • Document Management
  • Issue Management
  • Regulatory, Policy and Procedure Managements
  • Controls and Control Testing Management
  • Advanced Dashboards, Reporting and Analytics
  • Advanced Notification and Communication