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Unified Risk Management: We are RSA Archer Partners and Platform Experts

"The RSA ® Archer ® GRC Platform supports business level management of enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC). As the foundation for all RSA Archer GRC solutions, the Platform allows you to adapt a broad range of solutions to your requirements, build new applications, and integrate with external systems without implementing a single line of code”

Our expert implementation teams can help you remove barriers and inefficiencies commonly associated with enterprise RSA Archer implementations, demonstrating outstanding prioritization, requirements generation, project control, communications, collaboration and integration with our client stakeholders. We are the partners you can count on to deliver results in every stage of the development lifecycle.

Our structured approach allows our clients to demonstrate fast and effective utilization of RSA Archer platform capabilities!

  • Quickly leverage your investment in RSA Archer to maximize employee capabilities and productivity.
  • Reduce costs associated with Archer implementations and the temporary or sustained realignment of critical company resources. Our highly effective team structures allow you to deleverage strategic personnel, allowing them to concentrate on operations and the profitability of your core business.
  • Our customers are able to rapidly maximize usage and adoption rates of their investment more quickly, demonstrating both cost effective and efficient use of budget and personnel.

Are You Already an RSA Archer Platform User?

RSA Archer is a great enterprise product with unparalleled adoption in the Governance, Risk and Compliance space. While RSA provides a catalog of pre-configured Use Cases (applications and modules) designed to integrate directly into the platform, high performance custom applications can also be prototyped and deployed quickly, providing rapid ROI of newly developed and deployed enterprise capabilities.


CastleHill Employees Have Been Consistently Successful

  • The CastleHill family of companies and employees are currently heading the largest enterprise RSA Archer project at the largest bank in the country. Before that, we were heading the largest enterprise RSA Archer project at the 4th largest bank in the country.
  • Even smaller companies with limited budgets can leverage the same CastleHill expertise and commitment to excellence.
  • CastleHill employees have transitioned over 60 enterprise applications to Archer platforms in just the past few years. We have dozens more planned. Our references are impeccable.
  • Lastly, CastleHill employees have never failed to meet contractual obligations applied to the delivery of Archer application development or implementation. We follow through. We Deliver. Period.

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About CastleHill

CastleHill provides the people, process and tools required to efficiently manage our clients Governance, Risk and Compliance programs. Our Managed Service offerings free our clients from the administrative burdens of managing GRC Programs, allowing them to focus their efforts on managing the risk and profitability of their core business.

Managed Services

CastleHill Managed Service offerings reliably and effectively extend the clients GRC programs beyond their existing capabilities by providing the people, processes and technology required to efficiently manage their programs. The offerings provide scalable Risk Management solutions that adapt quickly to changes in business, operational and regulatory environments.

Custom Implementation

Our team of expert consultants provides design guidance and configuration for both new RSA Archer implementations and the transformation of existing applications. We specialize in the end-to-end migration of legacy capability, workflow and processes to the RSA Archer platform.